Dear 21 Year Old Self

Woman-writing-a-love-letter-1You’ve just celebrated a big birthday: 21! You have a year left of college and you’re assuming that, like your friends, you will find the love of your life and get married right after graduation. But guess what. That’s not going to happen. Your friends will graduate with engagement rings on their fingers but you will not even have a boyfriend.Continue reading

The Master Chef

Unknown-1We’ve celebrated almost every wedding anniversary at Rooneys. The outside is nothing to write home about, but the inside captures you with a warm, simple elegance. We like the ambiance and we really like the food. Everything we’ve eaten there is perfectly seasoned: just the right amount of ginger, or cilantro, or sesame. We haven’t had anything we didn’t love. I’ve often thought, this is what separates a good chef from an excellent one: surprising combinations of flavors that work perfectly together. Kind of like a good marriage.Continue reading

Boogie Boards and Barbershops

imgresSometimes life with kids is so frantic, you barely notice the end of one phase and the beginning of the next. Your three year old is finally potty trained: praise the Lord and what comes next? You’re done with tricycles and training wheels: great, onto skateboards and scooters. Everyone generally sleeps through the night, dresses himself and brushes his own teeth.   Wonderful! Now it’s time to teach him to do chores.

They grow so fast and amidst such business that we can zoom past milestones and fail to give enough attention to significant rites of passage.Continue reading

For White Parents of Brown Children

ISS51_feat_AdoptIt is becoming more common for white couples to adopt black children, and for people of different races to fall in love and get married. I applaud both trends because in both cases, love triumphed. Also in both cases, children grow up in racially mixed families and face unique challenges.Continue reading

On Pain and Redemption

imagesA couple of months ago I wrote about winding up in the hospital with a ruptured appendix. And I’m not quite ready to move on from there. I realize I run the risk of redundancy, but there’s more to say, since God has done so much as a result of this trial.Continue reading