Single Women: Do You Need Some Lemon Sorbet?

Recently I was talking to a friend who had dated a guy for a long time and finally decided to break up.  He was “not ready to commit” and didn’t know if he’d ever be ready to commit.  He had serious mother issues, hated his job, never went to church and suffered from depression.  He was not good marriage material and my friend knew it.   After a few months, she decided to try dating again and met a very nice man.  The problem was, she couldn’t get the first guy out of her mind.  Her heart was still stuck on him, even though she knew he wasn’t right for her.  I suggested lemon sorbet.Continue reading

I Will Make You Fishers of Men

My father’s favorite hobby was bluefishing.  I can still remember him leaving our Brooklyn apartment late at night to go to Sheepshead Bay where he’d get on a boat and fish until dawn.  I didn’t like what followed very much: he’d come home, wrecking of fish and take over the kitchen, scaling and filleting.  Our house smelled like a fishmonger’s abode for days!  And I didn’t really like all the subsequent fishy meals, either.  Nevertheless, we knew how much dad loved it and often gave him tickets for bluefishing expeditions as gifts.Continue reading

Letters From My Father

About a month ago our basement flooded and I was forced to do the long overdue task of sorting through some boxes I’ve moved around with me since college.  I wanted to see the extent of the water damage and throw away anything that couldn’t be salvaged.Continue reading

What’s Your Assignment?

When Mary was a teenager, she received an assignment.  She was going about her life, engaged to a man, with a picture in her mind of what her life would be like, when an angel of the Lord came to her and gave her a completely different picture.  It was much bigger, much more vast, much more important and much more supernatural than her plans.  Her vision for her life was normal; the vision God gave her was not normal at all.Continue reading

Counting it all Joy

There’s an advantage to being an “older mom”: meaning, being in my late forties with small children.  With few exceptions, most of my peers are attending their children’s high school graduations, or welcoming college age kids home for the summer.  My kids are 3 and 6 with untold energy.  We’re thankfully out of the sleep deprived baby stage, but I in particular still fall into bed at the end of the day, sure that I’ve never been more tired.Continue reading