Dear 21 Year Old Self

Woman-writing-a-love-letter-1You’ve just celebrated a big birthday: 21! You have a year left of college and you’re assuming that, like your friends, you will find the love of your life and get married right after graduation. But guess what. That’s not going to happen. Your friends will graduate with engagement rings on their fingers but you will not even have a boyfriend.Continue reading

Lessons from the Blocks

Car-on-BlocksAbout two weeks ago I was in too much pain to sleep. I had been nauseous for a couple of days (my husband teased me about maybe being pregnant; ha ha, not funny!) and then one night the nausea turned to painful, buckling over cramps that made me feel like I was not only pregnant, but doing into labor!Continue reading

When Life is Summer

UnknownThis is Part 3 of the 4 part series: Navigating the Seasons of Life.  This series has also been expanded and made into a Bible Study, with questions and scriptures at the end of each chapter.  It can be DOWNLOADED for free by clicking on the Free Downloads button on the Home page.  Enjoy!

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy/Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high/Oh, your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-looking’/So hush little baby, Don’t you cry. (DuBose Heyward)Continue reading

When Life is Spring

This is Part 2 of the series, Navigating the Seasons of Life.  I’m writing this on a cold day in November, but we may be experiencing a season of Spring in our souls even though, in the Northeast, it’s growing cold outside.Continue reading

When Life is Winter

This is Part I of the series, “Navigating the Seasons of Life.”

In the Northeast, early November is a conflicted time of year.  Fall color still brightens the landscape, supermarkets display everything Thanksgiving and we start to make plans to see family and friends.   And then there is of course, just under the surface, the excitement of Christmas – especially if you have kids.  They continually revise Christmas lists and ask when we’re getting the tree, and we look forward to decorating our homes with warm lights and deep colors.Continue reading