It’s Time for Breakthrough

When I was giving birth to our second son, something scary happened: Benjamin’s heart rate dropped disturbingly low every time I had a contraction and pushed.  He didn’t like coming down that birth canal very much.  When his heart rate dipped even lower, the doctor did something that terrified me.  She pulled on a surgical gown, called the pediatrician and said, “If this baby doesn’t come out in a few more pushes, we’re going to have to use the vacuum.” I instantly imagined the pediatrician examining my newborn son for damage.  Now, I know suction isn’t supposed to cause permanent physical or mental damage, and I know plenty of beautiful children had to be suctioned out, but I still didn’t like the idea.  I hated it, and the possibility transformed me.  In a moment, I decided that the vacuum wouldn’t be necessary.  I could do this.   She told me to push harder, and I found a strength inside that I didn’t know existed.  I almost passed out, but within a few minutes, Benjamin entered the world, perfectly fine, without suction aid.

There are moments in our lives when we hate something enough to push harder than we ever have before.  We may go through years praying about an issue that’s not quite right: we’re making it financially, but just barely.  We’re making it in our marriage, but just barely.  We’re making it at our job, but just barely.  We generally have good relationships, but there is that one lost friendship that begs reconciliation.  And so every year we pray about the matter, sincerely, but without power or focus.  This thing bothers us, but not enough to really bear down and push through until we see change.  It’s not because we don’t care, but we’re just so distracted by the myriad of life’s issues that we fail to focus on any one thing long enough or hard enough to see change.

As we cross the threshold into a new year, I believe that God wants to highlight something in our lives that He wants us press into more than we ever have before.  He may say to you, “This is the year of financial breakthrough.”  And with that, He wants you to focus your prayers, muster your energy, read about it, pray about it and fast about money.  You don’t forget the other concerns in your life, but this one takes a front row seat and you have hope and faith in your heart that by December of 2011, you will see significant, positive breakthrough in the realm of your finances.  It may be your marriage, on the brink of mediocrity or even ruin.  God wants you to gird your loins, roll up your sleeves and bear down, hating the very thought of divorce, determined that your marriage will make it.  More than make it.  It may be reconciliation with that estranged family member.  THIS is the year that you will call, seek out, and try to mend fences.  You will believe God to be the repairer of this breech (Isaiah 58).  And by year’s end, you will see progress.

God wants to be Jehovah Perazim (God of the Breakthrough) for something in your life this year.  What is that thing?  Ask Him.

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  1. Thank you Nicole for this article. God’s timing is perfect! Right now as this year comes to an end and we want to begin fresh and new, I face this very thing. I pray earnestly for a mentor to help me with a particular issue that takes presidence above anything else in my life. It has to take priority as something I have to work on first in order to make change and have a breakthrough. I know I can’t do it alone. I need someone in my life that has experienced this, and therefore understands it, and what it takes to make change. Someone who knows how to guide me forward. It is something that has controlled me for too long. It IS time for a breakthrough!
    God bless you!

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