Returning to The Well

Important things happen at wells.  People rest, get refreshed and meet the Savior at wells.  Civilizations radiate from them and families who depend on them visit them every day.  In spiritual terms, when we go to The Well, Jesus, the Living Water, speaks to us, reassures us, quenches our thirst, rejuvenates us and fills us again with the wisdom and strength we need to continue our journey.

I visited The Well everyday when I was single.  I felt so desperate to know His presence and hear His voice.  I woke up feeling dry and ran to Him for refreshment.  I could barely manage to get dressed until I sensed His nearness.  And then something happened when I got married and had kids. “Small Children Fatigue” set in: interrupted sleep, early mornings, needy little people pulling, tugging, demanding and requesting almost all day long. And I began visiting The Well less often.  I didn’t feel as spiritual desperate and I was more physically exhausted.  But then the physical depletion made me emotionally desperate which made me thirsty for that Well water again.

I remembered wistfully my mornings at The Well years ago, and though I don’t get to spend the hours there that I used to, I once again go back to it on a regular basis.

So many of us experience this.  We experience God and His refreshing and then we get busy and wander from The Source.  We haven’t forsaken Him, we just don’t talk and listen to Him as much as we used to.  That last long drink keeps us quenched for a long time and we don’t feel the intense need – until life changes and we feel desperate and thirsty once again.

And so we return to The Well especially as seasons change in our lives.  We go there and drink from Him as we navigate our youthful insecurities.  We go there as we become women and fall in love. We go there when we become mothers and feel both sucked dry and emotionally vulnerable because of intense love.  We go there when we feel weighed down by the taxing demands of work and finances.  We go there when the grey hairs multiply and we realize we are now middle aged and that sometimes feels sad.  We go there when our children begin to leave and we wonder what now will give us a sense of purpose. And we go there when we realize we are actually old and our control of ourselves and our surroundings decreases and the number of unknowns increases.  I am watching my mother return to The Well as she nears 80 and wonders what the next years will bring.

And Jesus is always there waiting.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not suggesting that we only pray when we’re desperate.  I am saying, however, that there are times of sipping and times of gulping: times when we drink a little and feel satisfied and times when we know such intense thirst that we plunge that ladle into that Living Water, we cast off decorum and we drink until water drips off our chin.  At those times, if we don’t drink, we will die.  And He always satisfies.  He always has a word to mollify our fears and instill peace in our hearts.  He is so faithful, even when we wander and think we can live on sips.

I am grateful for this Well of Living Water, called Jesus.  I am so grateful we can approach Him without fear and boldly, greedily drink.  He is so patient, so kind and so full.

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  1. Love this! Especially the word picture of “casting off decorum”. It’s time for this girl to gulp a while! Well said, with no condemnation.

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