I’m pleased to announce the release of my first book, ONERacial Unity in the Body of Christ. Several years ago I was struck by the racial division of the American church. White church. Black church. Latino church. Korean church. And I wondered why. Why is 11:00 Sunday morning still the most segregated hour? I have met many African Americans who would rather not go to church than attend a white church. And white Christians who would visit a black church for a musical event, but would never consider joining. Yet, when we look at Jesus’ prayer in John 17, it is very clear that such division is not His desire. This book was born out of a passion to see the church model unity (including racial unity), rather than perpetuate division. My hope is that every one who reads it will become deeply dissatisfied with homogeneity and learn to mix and mingle, worship with and befriend brothers and sisters of different colors and cultures. In ONE, we question the whole concept of “race” in the first place; then we look at some of the root causes of the divided church – and some Biblical solutions. Consider buying it, reading it and then passing it along to a friend!

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