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Bold Venture Women’s Event | October 22-24, 2015 Douglasville, GA

Bold Venture Women’s Event | October 22-24, 2015
Douglasville, GA

On April 8, 2006, 2 weeks before my 40th birthday, I married my Boaz, Marvin. It had been a long, hard wait. I wish I could say that I bravely held on, always sure that God would come through, but I cannot. I doubted God A LOT. And I went out with a lot of men, more out of desperation than love. But God was faithful anyway. At the right time, after I had been broken and had let go of the reigns, my knight in shining armor showed up, pursued me, loved me and married me. And, my sisters, it was worth the wait.

Then the Lord showed me prophetically that there would be a whole company of women who, like Ruth of old, would pursue God and wait for His best. Ruth’s Company would be an ever-increasing army of women choosing God’s ways above their own and standing as beacons of hope in a culture full of compromise.

But it is not only single women who need to be reminded to take the high road. All women, single and married alike, can succumb to the unrelenting temptation to settle for good enough. And so, this is a Company of Christian women seeking God’s best in every area of life, no matter the cost.

May God encourage you by the testimony and teaching of this website. You’ll find articles written by me, and, in the future, contributions from guest writers. We always appreciate your input, suggestions and questions, so please take advantage of the interactive feature at the end of every article.

Yours for the Kingdom,
Nicole C Doyley

Nicole (Leonard) Doyley grew up in Brooklyn, NY and then attended Dartmouth College. After graduation, she continued to live in New Hampshire, serving in full time ministry  for 19 years. She married Marvin in 2006, gave birth to their son, Isaac, is 2007 and moved with her family to Rochester, NY in 2008. Her second son, Benjamin, was born in 2010.  Nicole ministers in local churches and speaks in conferences in the US and abroad. She is pleased to announce the release of her second book, THE WAIT: Encouragement for Single Women.